The Shelby Endowment

The Shelby Endowment

“Education is key to unlocking opportunity…”

Senator Richard Shelby

Senator Richard Shelby, a distinguished political figure with a 36-year Senate tenure, has significantly contributed to the United States and Alabama. Known for shaping national policies, he prioritizes issues like national defense, veterans' affairs, economic development, and education. In Alabama, Shelby secured federal funding for projects, infrastructure, and economic initiatives, fostering the state's growth. His leadership reflects a strong commitment to addressing Alabama's unique challenges. Alongside his wife, Dr. Annette Shelby, a former UA professor, they consistently support the advancement of Alabama's premier higher education institution.

In 2023, during the final days of his U.S. Senate tenure, Richard Shelby successfully secured a historic $100 million endowment for the University of Alabama, marking the largest in the school's history.

The Shelby Endowment for Distinguished Faculty

The Shelby Endowment for Distinguished Faculty utilizes $100 million in funding directed by Congress to establish a lasting endowment dedicated to fostering the recruitment and retention of outstanding faculty members specializing in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines.

The Shelby Institute for Policy & Leadership

The Shelby Institute for Policy and Leadership provides UA students with transformative academic, research and service opportunities. Through an interdisciplinary approach, the Shelby Institute will empower the next generation of leaders who will influence change through public policy. At the heart of the Institute is the Shelby Scholars Program—a credit-bearing undergraduate initiative uniquely designed for students passionate about public policy.