A tailored education for every student's future.


The proposed educational framework aims to establish a cohesive and unified core, serving as a foundational base for all majors and minors. It enhances students’ opportunities to pursue double majors or minors, facilitates smoother transitions for transfer students and allows for timely graduation. The system emphasizes flexibility, enabling students to explore diverse electives or follow themed Pathways throughout their undergraduate journey. Additionally, it incorporates college-managed advanced education requirements tailored to individual student, curricular and professional demands, ensuring a comprehensive and progressive core education.

First-Year Compass Course (CC)2-5 1 hour (UA-wide requirement)
1-4 hour(s) (classes and hours are college-specific)
Written Composition (FC)3-6
Natural (NS) & Mathematical Science (MA)118 hours natural science w/ lab
3 hours math (110 or higher)
History (HI)
Social & Behavioral Sciences (SB)
9 (3 hours must be HI)
Humanities (HU)
Literature (L)
Fine Arts (FA)
World Languages (FL)
9 (3 hours must be L)
US & Global Citizenship (GC)3
Advanced Writing (W)3

Core Designation Templates

Core curriculum classes must meet standards approved by Core Curriculum Oversight Committee for each of the core curriculum subject areas (i.e. Social Behavioral, History, Literature, etc.).

The standards for each subject area are provided below as guidance to faculty and staff. Faculty wishing to propose a new core course, or classification of an existing course as a core course, need to refer to the detailed workflows to determine the path in their college to getting approval.

Faculty Curriculum Governance

Legacy Core Curriculum