What is academic misconduct? 

Academic misconduct includes all acts of dishonesty in any academically related matter and any knowing or intentional help or attempt to help, or conspiracy to help, another student commit an act of academic dishonesty. Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to; each of the following acts when performed in any type of academic or academically- related matter, exercise, or activity.

Academic Integrity Policy
The University of Alabama aspires to transmit knowledge, to develop its students, and to promote the quality of society. In seeking these goals, the University recognizes the significance of student rights. These rights include freedom of expression, autonomy, procedural protection and the integrity of people and their property. Read the Code of Student Conduct here.

Academic Misconduct Disciplinary Policy
The preservation of freedom of discussion, inquiry, and expression is possible only in an environment in which the privileges of citizenship are protected and the obligations of citizenship are understood. Accordingly, the University has developed regulations and policies pertaining to students and to student organizations. Read the full policy here.

Academic Misconduct FAQ’s
The Student Handbook contains policies that affect students and organizations. Within this Handbook and other official University publications are the rules and regulations that govern student and organizational behavior. Read Policies and Procedures for Students here.