Curriculum Committees & Subcommittees

Committees & Subcommittees

Faculty have participated in every committee and continue to be involved in every aspect of implementation through the establishment of a Steering Committee and several faculty sub-committees outlined below. Additional committees will be established as needed as we advance to our goals

Steering Committee
High School Pre-Requisites
First-Year Experience
Experiential Learning
Writing Intensive
Capstone Courses
Cultures & Societies
Transfer Students

Steering Committee

Rebecca AllenExperiential Learning Subcommittee
Ginger BishopOIE
Chris ColemanAssessment Subcommittee
Andre DenhamGeneral Education Taskforce
Ken FosheeOUR
Jeff GrayHigh School Pre-Requisite Subcommittee
Chapman GreerGeneral Education Taskforce
Luoheng HanOffice for Academic Affairs
Robert HayesOTIDE
Waleed HazbunCultures and Societies Subcommittee
Adam JonesCommunications Subcommittee
Amanda KohFYE Subcommittee
Louis MarinoGovernance Subcommittee
Matt McLendonUndergraduate Admissions
Joe MessinaA&S
Joyce MeyerWriting Intensive Subcommittee
Morgan MilsteadWriting Intensive Subcommittee
Tara MockCapstone Courses Committee
Rosalind More-MillerFYE Subcommittee
Margaret PeacockPathways Subcommittee
Erik PetersonGeneral Education Taskforce
Jacob PleitzOIRA
Jay WatersCommunications Subcommittees
Christine TaylorDEI
Monica WattsStrategic Communications
Teresa WelchCapstone Courses Subcommittee
Teresa WiseCapstone International Center
Akeisha YoungAssessment Subcommittee


Review and provide recommendations regarding:

– The role of the existing undergraduate and curriculum committees on campus.

– The core course review and approval process.

– The criteria for core course designations.

– Any temporary academic policies that enable a smooth transition to the new gen ed requirements.

Kevin Shaughnessy, Co-ChairA&S
Louis Marino, Co-ChairBusiness
Allen LinkenA&S
Ted PostenA&S
Meeakshi AroraCCHS
Kenon BrownC&IS
Elizabeth WoodruffEducation
Patrick KungEngineering
Jeri ZemkeHES
Mahalia BarrowNursing

High School Pre-Requisites and/or Proficiency Exams Committee

Review and provide recommendations regarding:

– The use of proficiency / placement exams and high school credit to meet new Gen Ed requirements

– Threshold(s) for a Gen Ed requirement to be met

Jeff Gray, Co-ChairEngineering
Cori Crane, Co-ChairA&S
Nathan JacksonA&S
Steve TadeschiA&S
Jessica LloydBusiness
Latrise JohnsonEducation
Denny SavageOUR

First-Year Experience

Review and provide recommendations regarding:

– The fundamental knowledge and skills that must be included in all FYE courses for students to be successful at UA.

– Inventory and evaluation of current FYE courses.

– Design of new FYE course(s).

– Strategies to accommodate classroom and co-curricular aspects of offering FYE to a freshman cohort of ~8,000 students.

– Opportunities to launch affinity freshman housing groups associated with FYE and/or Pathways.

Amanda Koh, Co-ChairEngineering
Rosalind Moore-Miller, Co-ChairStudent Life
Morgan LuttigA&S
John MillerA&S
Keely LatopolskiBusiness
John WingardCapstone Center for Student Success
Anneliese BollandC&IS
Brian TaylorHES
Mike CallihanNursing
Sherron WilkesSocial Work

Experiential Learning

Review and provide recommendations regarding:

– Inventory and evaluation of existing EL courses including all study abroad, undergraduate research, service learning and internship and practicum courses

– Criteria for external internship experiences to meet gen ed requirements.

– Rubrics that can be used in assessing student performance in these courses to meet the goals of the new gen ed.

– Financial resources that would help to increase EL opportunities for students.

Carla Blakey, Co-ChairHES
Carolina Robinson, Co-ChairCapstone International
Daniela Susnara, Co-ChairCommunity Affairs
Rebecca AllenA&S
Stephanie McClureA&S
Quoc HoangBusiness
Chandra ClarkC&IS
Drew PearlCommunity Affairs
Margaret KimEngineering
John LattaHonors
Janet BrownNursing
Daniel StricklandOUR
Schernavia HallStudent Life
Leanna CarrollUndergraduate Research

Writing Intensive

Review and provide recommendations regarding:

– Writing requirements in the new gen ed and whether they should be different from current requirements.

Joyce Meyer, Co-ChairBusiness
Morgan Milstead, Co-ChairHES
Lauren CardonA&S
Deborah KeeneA&S
Amy PardoA&S
Chris RobertsC&IS
Karen SpectorEducation
Cassander FordNursing
Kevin WalkerLaw

Capstone Courses

Review and provide recommendations regarding:

– General purpose and SLOs for capstone courses under new gen ed.

– Inventory and creation of capstone courses across campus.

– Recommended resources necessary to meet Capstone requirements.

Tara Mock, ChairHonors
Teresa Welch, ChairNursing
Amanda Espy-BrownA&S
Brittany GilmerA&S
Lawrence RobertsA&S
Jeff LucasBusiness
Alison HooperEducation
Beth ToddEngineering
Leah TompkinsHES
Peggy TrosperSocial Work

Cultures & Societies

Review and provide recommendations regarding:

– Minimum university criteria for meeting the cultures & societies requirement.

– SLOs for the minimum requirement.

Waleed Hazbun, Co-ChairA&S
Karen Starks, Co-ChairSocial Work
Elliot BlairA&S
Carlton McHarghA&S
Pratyush SharmaBusiness
George DanielsC&IS
LaToya ScottDEI
Sara NeshaniEngineering
Thomas HerwigHonors
Wanda BurtonNursing

Transfer Students

Review and provide recommendations regarding:

– How students from Alabama community colleges who complete AGSC/STAR curricula can be transferred to UA seamlessly under the new gen ed requirement with UA meeting legal.

– Obligations under AGSC/STARS.

– Additional transfer issues that may arise (and develop possible solutions for such issues), such as those for non-Alabama transfers.

– The process, if any, for current UA students (matriculations prior to fall 2025) to adopt a new gen ed core curriculum.

Brandi Stacey, Co-ChairEducation
Brandy Frost, Co-ChairBusiness
Bruce BlairA&S
Pamela DerrickA&S
Jenny DuckworthA&S
Alex HainenEngineering
DJ JacksonEnrollment Management
Maria AzradHES
Mary Ellen HannaOUR


Review and provide recommendations regarding:

– The process for curricular assessment leading up to and through implementation of the new gen ed curriculum.

– The assessment cycle and review process for new gen ed courses.

– The assessment process for Capstone courses.

Chris Coleman, Co-ChairOIE
Akeisha Young, Co-ChairEducation
Barbara BrickmanA&S
Alexis David-HazellA&S
Matt JennyA&S
Jan JonesBusiness
Mark WeaverEngineering
Elizabeth ElderHES
Kate McConathyNursing


Review and provide recommendations regarding:

–  A list of pathways/themes for implementationThe process for curricular assessment leading up to and through implementation of the new gen ed curriculum.

– Key components in designing pathways.

– The process for approving pathways.

– Potential barriers in implementing pathways and solutions.

– The process for cross designation of courses with gen ed and pathways.

Margaret Peacock, Co-ChairA&S
Gina Stamm, Co-ChairA&S
Joe SmithA&S
Jennifer DempseyBusiness
Michael MalleyEducation
Charles MonroeEngineering
Kim BlitchHES
Kim ParkerNursing


Review and provide recommendations regarding:

– Name and branding of the new gen ed core curriculum.

– Strategies to communicate new gen ed requirements to incoming students in 2025.

– Communication strategy on new gen ed core for existing UA students who matriculated prior to fall 2025.

Adam Jones, Co-ChairStrategic Communications
Jay Waters, Co-ChairC&IS
Zach Thomas, Co-ChairBusiness
Lucy Barnard-BrakA&S
Lucy KaufmanA&S
Susan WhiteA&S
Jessica JohnsonNursing