Faculty Retiree Systems Access

In the event a faculty member retires from The University of Alabama and will remain affiliated with the University by participating in research, University operations, advising, and/or academic programs, the retired faculty member may request access to certain OIT systems for a specific period of time, typically one academic year.

The UA Faculty Retiree OIT Software Form should be submitted by the retired faculty member and approved by the department, college, and Office for Academic Affairs. If approval is granted to certain UA OIT Systems, the faculty member will receive notification by email and access will be granted by OIT. The maximum timeframe granted is typically one academic year at a time. At the end of each academic year, access for all retired faculty will be reevaluated and continuation of access will be determined based on business need and availability. Generally, use of any campus-wide software is limited to University business, academic, or research related purposes.

You may access the form here or by going to https://provost-ua.infoready4.com/# and logging in using your myBama username and password.