The Blackmon-Moody Outstanding Professor Award recognizes singular, exceptional, or timely work in the form of: research, product, program, or published material. The award reflects credit to the individual professor, the field of study, students’ education, and The University of Alabama. The Blackmon-Moody Outstanding Professor Award focuses on a particular accomplishment that is innovative, creative, useful, or captures the imagination.


2022: Dr. Hee Y. Lee, SW, Social Work

2021: Dr. Laura Reed, A&S, Biological Sciences

2020: Dr. Sara McDaniel, ED, Special Education & Multiple Abilities

2019: Dr. Paul Houghtaling, A&S, Music

2018: Dr. David Dixon, A&S, Chemistry

2017: Dr. Brent Hardin, ED, Kinesiology

2016: Professor Seth Panitch, A&S, Theatre

2015: Dr. Kim Bissell, C&IS, Journalism

2014: Dr. Gregory Thompson, ENG, Metallurgical & Materials Engineering

2013: Dr. Ajay Agrawal, ENG, Mechanical Engineering

2012: Dr. Stephen Katsinas, ED, Education

2011: Dr. Martha Powell, A&S, Biological Sciences

2010: Dr. Beverly Thorn, A&S, Psychology

2009: Dr. Robin Rogers, A&S, Chemistry

2008: Drs. Guy and Kim Caldwell, A&S, Biological Sciences

2007: Dr. Ernest A. Mancini, A&S, Geological Sciences

2006: Dr. Arthur C. Benke, A&S, Biological Sciences

2005: Dr. John E. Lochman, A&S, Psychology

2004: Dr. Walter Enders, C&BA, Economics

2003: Dr. George C. Rable, A&S, History

2001: Dr. Amy K. Ward, A&S, Biological Sciences

2001: Dr. David P. Hale, C&BA, Information Systems, Stat, & Management Science

2000: Dr. Jennings Bryant, MMIS, Telecommunication & Film

1999: Dr. Howard Jones, A&S, History

1998: Dr. Robert Metzger, A&S, Chemistry

1997: Dr. Doru M. Stefanescu, ENG, Metallurgical & Mat Eng

1996: Dr. Michael Cava, A&S, Chemistry

1995: Dr. Forrest McDonald, A&S, History

1994: Dr. Sandra Willetts, A&S, Music

1993: Dr. Myron C. Tuman, A&S, English

1992: 3rd Winner, Dr. Martha J. Cook, ED, Special Education

1989/90: Dr. Daniel S. Turner, ENG, Civil Engineering

1988/89: Dr. James L.Taylor, C&BA, Management & Mkt.