Burnum Distinguished Faculty Award

Burnum Distinguished Faculty Award

The Burnum Distinguished Faculty Award is presented each year to celebrate and encourage excellence in research, scholarship and teaching. The recipient will have demonstrated superior scholarly or artistic achievements and a profound dedication to the art of teaching, all of which bring distinctive credit to the academic community in general and to The University of Alabama in particular. Emphasizing a sustained career at the University, the Burnum Award spotlights excellence in both research and teaching. Nominations are evaluated by the Burnum Award Committee, composed of past recipients, which then presents the top two candidates to the President for the final selection of the annual winner.

Evidence requested to support the nomination includes:

  • Evaluation of teaching ability.
  • Letters from former students and distinguished external nominators.
  • Copies of student evaluations and other student outcome materials.
  • Assessment of contribution to intellectual development of former students.
  • Contribution to research and service at UA.
  • Citation index (if appropriate).


2023Dr. Andrew Dewar, Arts & Sciences, Music & New College
2022Dr. Claire Major, Education, Educational Leadership, Policy, Technology Studies
2021Dr. Anup Agrawal, Business, Economic, Finance and Legal Studies
2020Dr. Ramana Reddy, Engineering, Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
2019Dr. Ajay K. Agrawal, Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
2018Dr. Subhabrata Chakraborti, Business, Information Systems Statistics and Management Science
2017Dr. Marietta Stanton, Nursing, Nursing
2016Dr. Catherine Roach, Arts & Sciences, New College
2015Dr. Arunava Gupta, Arts & Sciences and Engineering (Joint Appt), Chemical & Biological Engineering
2014Walter Enders, Business, Economics, Finance & Legal Studies
2013Seth Panitch, Arts & Sciences, Theatre & Dance
2012Joel Brouwer, Arts & Sciences, English
2011Dr. George C. Rable, Arts & Sciences, History
2010Dr. David A. Dixon, Arts & Sciences, Chemistry
2009Dr. Ernest A. Mancini, Arts & Sciences, Geological Sciences
2008Dr. Jennings Bryant, Communications & Information Sciences, Telecommunication & Film
2007Dr. John E. Lochman, Arts & Sciences, Psychology
2006Dr. Harris Schlesinger, Business,Economics, Finance & Legal Studies
2005Pamela H. Bucy, Law, Law
2004Charles G. Snead, Arts & Sciences, Music
2003Dr. Robin Don Rogers, Arts & Sciences, Chemistry
2002Robin Kathleen Behn, Arts & Sciences, Creative Writing
2001Dr. William W. Dressler, Arts & Sciences Anthropology & Social Work
2000Dr. Dolf Ziimann, Communications & Information Sciences, Mass Communication
1999Dr. Philip D. Beidler, Arts & Sciences, English
1998Dr. Richard C. Bradt, Engineering, Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
1997Thomas A. Lee, Business, Accountancy
1996Dr. John P. Formby, Business, Economics
1995Dr. Leon Weinburger, Arts & Sciences, Religious Studies
1994George H. Wolfe, Arts & Sciences, English
1993Dr. Robert G. Wetzel, Arts & Sciences, Biology
1992Dr. Michael P. Cava, Arts & Sciences, Chemistry
1991Dr. Tony A. Freyer, Business, History and Law
1990Doru M. Stefanescu, Engineering, Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
1989Dr. Margaret Stieg Dalton, Libraries, Library & Information Sciences
1988Dr. Howard Jones, Arts & Sciences, History
1987Dr. Lowell D. Kispert, Arts & Sciences, Chemistry
1986Dr. William A. Thomas, Arts & Sciences, Geological Sciences
1985Dr. Jerry L. Atwood, Arts & Sciences, Chemistry
1984Dr. Fred C. Hobson, Arts & Sciences, English
1983Dr. Norman Ellis, Arts & Sciences, Psychology
1982Dr. J. Barry Mason, Business, Marketing
1981Dr. Chester Alexander, Arts & Sciences, Physics
1980Dr. Forrest McDonald, Arts & Sciences, History