The University of Alabama is committed to creating and sustaining a diverse, inclusive, and welcoming campus community in which every member can thrive. The University not only recognizes and appreciates differences, but also promotes fairness in treatment and access, and cultivates a welcoming community that upholds social justice. Learn more through our Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and through the Division of Student Life’s diversity and inclusion web page.

Diversity mapping project 2016-2017

Upon the recommendation of key campus groups, President Stuart Bell and Provost Kevin Whitaker partnered with Halualani & Associates to conduct a diversity mapping project to catalog all the current diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, programs, and courses at the University of Alabama. This project enabled us to take stock of what had already been done (and could therefore be leveraged – cost effectively) and what still remained to be done (gaps, empty zones, neglected areas).

Click here to view the a slidecast showing key insights for action.

Final Diversity Mapping Report 

View the UA System’s minority participation report