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Core Curriculum Oversight Committee (CCOC)

The Core Curriculum Oversight Committee (CCOC) consists of the following voting members: at least 12 faculty members chosen by the Office for Academic Affairs after consultation with the Academic Affairs Committee of the Faculty Senate, one representative of the Faculty Senate appointed by that body, plus a number of students equal to the number of CCOC subcommittees, to be appointed by the Student Government Association Academic Affairs Committee. For the sake of continuity, the faculty members appointed by the Office for Academic Affairs will serve three-year terms scheduled so that one-third of this group is replaced each year. The faculty members must be selected so that each undergraduate division on campus is represented by at least one voting member of the CCOC.  The designee from the Provost’s Office and a representative of the Office of Academic Records shall serve as non-voting members.  The designee from the Provost’s Office shall serve as the committee chair.

All course materials to be considered for core designation should be submitted by October 1 of the review year. These materials are routed through the department with approval by the dean to the appropriate subcommittee. Once the Core Curriculum Oversight Committee has acted, the department head is responsible for notifying the faculty member involved and the dean’s office.  Concerns from the division regarding the core curriculum should be brought to the attention of the Core Curriculum Oversight Committee as appropriate.

The Core Curriculum Oversight Committee is divided into the following subcommittees:

  1. Computing
  2. Mathematics and Natural Science
  3. Humanities, Foreign Language, Fine Arts, and Literature
  4. Social & Behavioral Sciences and History
  5. Writing

The subcommittees serve as a clearinghouse for all courses that are to be submitted to the Alabama Articulation and General Studies (AGSC) committee and for courses that are to be considered UA-only core offerings.  AGSC will determine review schedules for the courses falling under statewide jurisdiction; UA-only courses will be reviewed on a five-year rotation cycle as determined by the Core Curriculum Oversight Committee.

The subcommittee reviews the course material submitted and recommends approval, denial or deferral of the core letter designation sought. The subcommittee chair presents the recommendation orally and in writing to the Core Curriculum Oversight Committee. If the recommendation is to defer or deny, a reason must be given so that appropriate feedback is provided to the academic department and college dean submitting the course for approval. Action on the subcommittee recommendation is taken at the first meeting following the initial presentation.

The subcommittee is encouraged to obtain consultation from appropriate members of the academic community as necessary. In addition, if it appears likely that the subcommittee recommendation will be to defer or deny a core letter designation, the subcommittee chair communicates with the department head or program area head in order to clarify information or obtain any additional information needed to make a recommendation.

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