Academic  Program Reviews

         Academic Program Reviews 

  • Purpose of Academic Programs Reviews:
  • Academic program reviews provide each academic unit with the opportunity to examine its strengths, weaknesses, and strategic goals in all aspects of its academic affairs.
  • Academic program reviews are important in UA’s efforts to satisfy UAS (Board Rule 504) requirements.
  • Academic departments and their programs included in Academic Program Reviews:
    • All academic departments in the following colleges/schools will be reviewed:
    • Arts and Sciences
    • Capstone College of Nursing
    • Communication and Information Sciences
    • Community Health Sciences
    • Culverhouse College of Business
    • Education
    • Engineering
    • Graduate School
    • Honors College
    • Human Environmental Sciences
    • School of Law
    • Social Work
  • Cycle of APR:
    • Every eight years
  • Duration of APR:
    • Academic program reviews will be a one-year process, with most of self-study and review completed in either fall or spring.
  • Data used for APR:
    • OIRA data will be used for the departments to draft their self-study report.
  • Academic Program Reviews and academic department annual reviews
    • Strategic action plans developed during academic program review are expected to be reviewed annually as part of the department annual review. A third year follow up will be completed to assess the progress of the strategic action plans of the department.

          The Review Process                                                  APR Council and Team

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